What to expect at a Reiki Session

A Reiki Healing Session takes places in a relaxing environment of my private treatment room, where you can allow yourself permission to relax. At the beginning of a session I will allow 10 -15 minutes to explain what Reiki is, clarify why you are looking for Reiki and if you are suffering from any specific ailments. Based on this conversation, we establish an intention or focus for the session. Once, this is over you then get the opportunity to switch off from the real world and to experience the benefits of Reiki for yourself.

During the Reiki treatment you remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table. I will cover you in a light blanket so you are comfortable and relaxed. I will guide you through a body and breath relaxation, to complement the healing I will use organic aromatherapy and deeply soothing music. I will place my hands on or above specific parts of your body, which will be indicated to me by cues from your body, usually starting from the head and working towards the feet. I will respect your privacy and personal space during this process. As I use the hand positions you may become aware of sensations (heat, cold, tingling, shivers etc) throughout your body. You may also feel nothing. This is totally normal, as this is the Reiki energy working on your body.

Reiki usually sends people into a state of deep relaxation so you may even fall asleep. As each individual is unique, I find that each Reiki treatment is also unique as Reiki works on many levels, going to where it needs to go.

Following the treatment, you will rest for a few minutes, enjoy re-energised pure water by Leogant and have the opportunity to ask questions or share anything you care to about your experience. The post treatment consultation will last 15 minutes and I will also share my observations and any insights I have received. You may feel energized and ready to go about the rest of your day with renewed enthusiasm, or your body may ask for rest. I suggest you honour whatever your body indicates it needs. I will also provide you with information for self-care following the treatment.

The Reiki energy is cumulative in that it builds up each time you have a treatment, which is why it is recommended to have 4-6 to kick start your self healing ability. The energy that is being used during the treatment is not my individual energy. That is why I never get tired giving/during Reiki treatments. This universal life force energy is available to everyone and during the treatment the energy flows through me to you, going to whatever part of your body needs it the most. Above all, I want you to relax and enjoy your Reiki treatment.

Most people notice a difference after the first Reiki treatment, and the benefits grow with repeated sessions. It is completely dependent on the client on the number of treatments they wish to receive as each client is unique. For chronic conditions I would recommend 4 to 6 Reiki Healing sessions which will allow a cumulative build up of the energy in the client. This is usually enough to sort out stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional problems; physical stuff can take a little longer. Yet, others choose to have Reiki ‘top-ups’ as a preventative measure or for pampering on regular monthly basis.

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