Shoden is a Japanese word that means 'first teaching' and it is the first step on the path of self-discovery and mastery. Reiki Level 1 will give you an awareness and understanding of life force energy, holistic health and the mind-body connection, and how to harness and use this energy in everyday life for health and happiness. In just two days you will learn simple but amazingly powerful healing techniques for calming and revitalising your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance to yourself, your family and friends.

You’ll be able to practice Reiki on yourself after just the first class. In fact, we start practicing Reiki straight after the attunement so you have plenty of time to experience Reiki during the course.

This is an effective training for people who are wishing to change and who are interested in stress management, self healing and personal growth, with the added benefit of learning how to channel healing energy to help others, too. The ability to channel Reiki is then with you for life and the more you work with it, the more you will be amazed at its awe-inspiring power.

Everyone is welcome to learn – no prior experience or training is needed, just an open and inquiring mind and the time and commitment to continue practising the techniques.

Upon successful completion of Level I students will:

  • Know the basic history of Reiki

  • Have received the Level 1 Reiki Attunement, which confers the ability to channel Reiki energy for healing and also confers healing on the recipient

  • Know hand positions and protocol for giving him/herself a Reiki treatment

  • Know hand positions and protocol for giving a Reiki treatment to others

  • Have a copy of A Guide for the Practice of Level 1 Reiki, beautifully designed and illustrated manual which includes photographs of all hand positions

  • Receive a Certificate of achievement confirming the student as a Level 1 Reiki practitioner.

  • Receive post-class mentoring and support.

Investment: €290
Please note the strict no cancellation policy for the course. There are no refunds offered, however in case you are unable to attend you can transfer your place to another participant. 

The next dates for Reiki Level 1 Courses:

  • 7 - 8th September 2019 - FULL

  • 19 - 20th October 2019 - FULL

  • 30th November / 1st December 2019- Registration Open