Shinpiden is a Japanese word meaning 'mystery teachings.'  During Level 3 Reiki course a much deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings is achieved through the utilization of one new Japanese Jumon (mantra) and Shirushi (symbol).

This Reiki Master Training covers all that is required to allow the student to bring the practice to the new level, teach Reiki professionally and dramatically elevates the student’s awareness. It is designed to bring Reiki into your life in a powerful way, both in your personal life and/or to prepare you for professional practice.

Student is attuned (Rejiu) to the Reiki Master Level and will learn and use the Reiki Master symbol. This course takes student to the next stage of their Reiki development, whether you want to progress to teach Reiki professionally or as a means of empowering those that need Reiki healing to be able to self-heal.

The focus is on personal development as well as on learning how to conduct reiki circles and reiki shares, Reiki Couple's treatments,  how to give Reiki Attunements and how to teach Reiki to others. Student will also practice, perform and receive all 3 Reiju (attunements) from the other Shinpiden students, and learn the Advanced Reiki Techniques including specialist Tenohira hand positions.

There will also be a general revision of everything I teach in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Courses. The emphasis of this stimulating and thought-provoking individual course is to help you to become a much more effective Reiki practitioner. In addition to the fourth Reiki symbol, you will learn a variety of advanced tools and energy techniques to help you get even better results from your Reiki treatments, as well as exploring ways of developing your insight and your awareness of yourself and others to support your ongoing spiritual growth. 

This Reiki Course is conducted in a small group of 4 participants or privately to allow maximum comfort and much more personal  teaching atmosphere.

Reiki Level 3 is taught over two weekends.
The two weekends can be taken together or in a distance of months or years, depending on one's calling. Both need to be completed in order to receive the Certificate.

Please note there is no cancellation policy for the course and no refunds offered.

Investment: €1,750

In 2018 Reiki Level 3 will be taught on:

Maternity Leave until Autumn 2019