Okuden means 'inner teachings'. Through the utilization of 3 Jumon (mantras) and 3 Shirushi (symbols) a deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s original teachings is achieved during Reiki Level 2 Course.

It is the next step to take if you are interested in strengthening the energy you are channelling to help others and/or if you would like to focus on making more specific changes in any area of your life.

This stimulating two day Reiki workshop will allow you to re-discover yourself and give you a very thorough understanding of how to work with energy at this more advanced, professional level. You will also learn how to develop your intuition and give distant treatments, and a variety of effective new ways of using Reiki to improve every aspect of your life both at home and at work, as well as how to give more powerful and effective treatments to others.

You will be attuned (Reiju) to the 2nd Reiki level which is a much more powerful and potent energy than Shoden level 1. You will learn to correctly use the Usui symbols and practice hands-on healing and distant healing during the course. The more you practice Reiki, the more you’re able to peel away the negative layers that can accumulate from living life, connecting to your true nature.

You will learn how to focus Reiki energy in powerful new ways to help specific mental and emotional challenges / distress in yourself and others, to clear negativity / trauma from the past and from your physical environment, to change beliefs, habits and behaviour, to enhance relationships and personal / work circumstances (both yours and those of others), and to influence future concerns / plans / situations for good.

On completion of this Reiki course you will be able to use Reiki to treat yourself and others, work professionally as a practitioner (of course after plenty of Reiki experience ) and you will take the next step on your spiritual journey.

Upon successful completion of Level 2 students will:

  • Have received the Level 2 Attunement, enabling him/her to channel a higher vibration of Reiki energy

  • Receive and be empowered to use three symbols that increase the power and effectiveness of Reiki

  • Know advanced healing techniques

  • Know how to use Reiki for distant healing

  • Have a copy of A Guide for the Practice of Levels 2 beautifully designed full-color, illustrated manual which includes photographs of all hand positions

  • Receive a Certificate of achievement confirming him/her as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner

  • Receive post-class mentoring and support.

Investment: €490

Please note the strict no cancellation policy for the course. There are no refunds offered, however in case you are unable to attend you can transfer your place to another participant. 

The next date for Reiki Level 2 Course:

  • 21-22nd September 2019 - FULL

  • 26-27th October 2019 - Registration Open ( Last course for 2019)