Reik Crystal Healing


Explore how Reiki and Crystals can work together to enable self-healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. 

In this one-day Reiki Crystal Healing certification you will learn how to utilize crystals and Reiki synergistically during a Reiki session for healing the mind, body and soul. 

This course is 50% hands-on supervised practice using all of the Reiki Crystal Healing techniques in order to help you learn with confidence and ease.

You will participate in a Reiki sharing circle to raise the collective vibration, bring the group into energetic alignment, and experience the peace and relaxation that Reiki brings.

You will learn how to construct a crystal grid. Each participant will have the opportunity to lie within the grid and experience its effect as a resonance and amplification chamber while Reiki energy is channeled into it. 

Upon successful completion students will:

  • Understand the healing properties of crystals according to their crystal formation and chakra vibration

  • Use healing crystals during a Reiki session, including for self-Reiki as well as for others

  • Learn how to choose healing crystals

  • Cleanse and charge your healing crystals

  • Activate and dedicate your healing crystals

  • Create a crystal grid for aura cleansing, manifestation and healing

  • Do a full-body crystal layout to balance the chakras

  • Meditate with your healing crystals

  • Program your healing crystals for specific purposes

  • Use your healing crystals for protection and grounding

  • Clear a room or space of negative energies using crystals

  • You will receive 30 pages Manual and Certificate

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 Course. If you haven't completed Reiki Course with me I request a copy of your certificate.

Investment: € 170
( You will receive a complimentary Chakra Crystals Kit ♥ )

Please note the strict no cancellation policy for the course. There are no refunds offered, however in case you are unable to attend you can transfer your place to another participant. 

Next course will take place in 2020