Join us on a beautiful evening of healing and transformation. The purpose and intention of the Energy Healing Circle is to create a space where people can gather and receive and share healing in a group setting. We create an inviting, safe, sacred, and non-judgmental space for sharing and raising our vibrational energy.

I use a combination of several modalities of hands-on energy healing, distant energy healing, aromatherapy, sound, and guided meditations to facilitate the clearing of blockages in the energy field, to repair and rebalance the energy so that the body can move to its optimal level of balance. This healing circle focuses on introducing and cultivating traditional methods of wellness in order to heal ourselves.

 Learn methods of healing that includes:

  • Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, & Stress Relief
  • Breath Work & Meditation
  • Purposeful Living  & Manifestation
  • Self-Healing Techniques
  • Clearing Negative Energy
  • Healing with nature’s elements

    Check the date for the next Reiki Energy Healing Circle in Berlin here.

    This Reiki Healing Circle is open to all, also to those with no previous Reiki experience who would like to experience it. It is a small group event and it is necessary to book your place beforehand. Please email:
    Energy exchange: €15


What is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki Share is a monthly meet up where you can experience guided meditations, energy work/group healing, distant healing and learn to go with the flow of Reiki. It will be a healing space where you can find support and encouragement as you continue along your Reiki journey.

The Reiki Share is for anyone who has completed a Reiki course with me or another Reiki Master Teacher. Whether you are looking to get back in touch with Reiki, refresh on giving Reiki treatments, increase your self confidence in working with Reiki, receive a gentle yet powerful Reiki treatment or meet new friends – it promises to be an evening of healing and fun!

I offer Reiki Shares because I feel that having continued support after the Reiki training is very important and can offer invaluable support on our Reiki journey.

Some of you may not be in touch with your own Reiki Master anymore, or you may have moved away from the place where you did the Reiki training, or you may be looking to practise Reiki with like minded people in a supportive environment. I offers this and more through these Reiki shares.

Benefits of Reiki Shares

  • Opportunity to meet and keep in touch with fellow Reiki practitioners as we support each other on our healing path
  • Provides space and time to practice Reiki. You will give and receive a Reiki treatment (the majority of the treatments will be on a 1 -1 basis but we will also explore group treatments i.e. 2-4 people working on an individual as it is also very powerful)
  • Allows you to reconnect and refresh yourself with Reiki
  • Provides an opportunity to share your Reiki experiences and stories
  • Provides a space where your questions can be answered and discussed

What do I need to Bring to the Reiki Shares

  • Yourself
  • Socks
  • Your passion for Reiki and a readiness to explore it
  • Book Your Place & Contact Information


If you would like more information on the Reiki Shares or to book your place email or join me on Berlin Reiki Healing Group on