My Story

The first time someone told me about Reiki and suggested I take a class, I thought, “Too weird!” My mind slammed shut, and I responded with an emphatic, “I have NO interest in anything like that.” I didn’t hear the word Reiki again until a few years later when by mere coincidence - thanks again Universe! - I saw a Reiki Treatment offer and after I read on reviews from others on how much difference it had made in their stress level, physical health, and sense of well-being. Impressed with the benefits described, I went to my first Reiki session. This one session brought a true spiritual awakening to me, the feeling of returning to who I really am. With this everlasting feeling of clarity, calmness and peace I was soon enrolled in a Level I Reiki Course. At one point during the weekend training, I felt as if my heart had been blown open. My Reiki journey had begun, and my life and health would change dramatically as a result.

I left my job in the art world and moved across the globe to Southeast Asia to further my studies in Energy Healing, Meditation and Yoga. Upon my return to Europe I moved to Berlin and established both Holistic Yoga Berlin and Seishin Reiki - Traditional Japanese School of Reiki where I offer regular classes, workshops, healing circles and teach weekend Reiki Courses.


A Labor of Love

Reiki is not only my full-time professional endeavor, but it is also a spiritual practice and a way of living. It is not just what I do, but who I am. Reiki informs every aspect of my life as I daily strive to be an instrument of healing grace in every moment, through every thought, word, and deed.


About Ewelina 

A Healer and Teacher, I facilitate people who are seeking to explore and heal themselves wherever they feel out of alignment & balance. I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge of healing through the courses, workshops and retreats. True change comes from within and when we learn to truly listen to ourselves, we are empowered to make choices that support us in our day to day life.  

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as well as a Nutrition Consultant I strongly believe in a holistic approach to healing. This is the idea that the parts of a structure do not stand alone, and that they are dependent on the whole. It requires looking at the entire system in order to address an individual part’s problem, and the effects of one part will affect the system.

My Professional Certifications

Reiki Level 1 - Shoden, Reiki Level 2 -Okuden and Reiki Master Teacher Level 3 - Shinpiden, Kikoh Reiki - Traditional Japanese School of Reiki, Dublin
Mindfulness Meditation Training, Java
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Shades of Yoga School, Bali, Indonesia
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, Baby Bliss,  Australia
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Karam Kriya International Training, Mallorca in progress